Solar PPA


A power purchase agreement (PPA) or electricity power agreement, is an agreement between a power supplier (one which generates electricity [the seller]) and a customer (one which is looking to purchase electricity [the buyer]). The PPA defines all of the commercial terms for the sale of electricity between the supplier and buyer, including when the project will begin commercial operation, schedule for delivery of electricity, penalties for under delivery, payment terms, and termination.


As a Customer you simply enter into a power purchase agreement to purchase zero carbon clean renewable energy from us the supplier and producer of clean renewable energy.

  • As a customer it will be business as usual for you with the added benefit of a power purchase agreement (PPA) where you’ll pay a lot less for electricity that is generated from 100% zero carbon clean-renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro or geothermal.
  • Because your electricity under the PPA now come from clean-renewable sources, you are offsetting your CO2 and green house gas emissions.
  • We can help you determine how much energy in kilo watt hour (kWh) you’ll need to purchase in order to offset your CO2 green house gas emissions. However, how much clean renewable energy you want to purchase and how much CO2 green house gas you want to offset  – it’s entirely your decision based on your business environment and your company’s CO2 emission reduction target.
  • You can lock in the predictable lower electricity price for up to 25 years term. You choose how short or long you want to fix your lower electricity price.
  • You lower electricity rates are locked in for the life of the PPA. Protecting yourself from future electricity price increases (even if the electricity market price rises sharply in the future).
  • PPA is great for hedging against future energy price hikes due to the dwindling fossil fuels supply, market forces and government carbon policy like carbon offset tax or climate change policy like environmental tax.
  • There is no upfront capital cost ($O Capital Expenditure).

Every time you turn on your air conditioner in summer or your heater in winter or even your lights, you are actually helping the climate and the environment by reducing your CO2 and green house gas emissions because you’re using 100% zero carbon clean-renewable sunlight, wind and hydro for your energy.

You can start enjoying Zero Carbon Clean-Renewable Energy Today to Save the Climate and Money Tomorrow.

Or Status quo and you continue to buy all electricity from local electricity retailer where you’ll keep on paying increasing amounts for electricity that is generated by burning fossil fuels that are polluting our environment and increasing the CO2 green house gas in our atmosphere ? Energy cost which you might not afford someday.


We are an Independent Clean-Renewable Energy Power Producer & Electricity Retailer.

  • We build, own, monitor, insure & manage the solar power plants.
  • As producer of clean energy, we guarantee our customers the amount of electricity they will receive. If something happened to our solar power stations and the output falls below our agreed quantity, we’ll buy power from another supplier for you or we’ll pay you for the difference. You will not notice anything and your electricity charges under our PPA will stay the same.